FUCN’A Collection 1

Welcome to the Furry United Coalition Academy, more commonly known as FUCN'A: The n standing for newbies.

Being accepted into the new academy was a dream come true. Who didn't imagine as a cub or pup or even foal, growing up that they might one day serve and protect the shifter race? There was no higher caller than becoming an agent of the most prestigious and secret agency in the world.

Teaching there presents it's own set of challenges, and even the administration staff isn't immune from the action!

Meet from FUC agents to librarians, instructors, science experiments, and special visitors in these six stories from FUCN'A authors!

Panda and the Kitty by Eve Langlais

I'll Be Dammed by Mandy Rosko

Goose and the Ocelot by Renee Hewett

The Tree Frog and Her Honey Badger by Julia Mills

Chinchilla and the Devil by C.D. Gorri

Tough Nut by Jodi Kendrick