Out Now! Sammi and the Jersey Bull by C.D. Gorri!

A hedgie charged with identity theft. A bull with questionable familial associations. Tofu Taco Tuesdays are about to get real at FUC Academy.

A FUCN’A graduate, Samantha Andrews is eager to rise in the ranks. The thing is, she’s kinda sorta allergic to violence. In other words, things get prickly when this hedgie sniffs danger.

When a position opens on campus, she jumps at the chance. Say hello to the new Conflict Resolution & Situation De-escalation Counselor! Of course, acting as a shoulder to lean on for new cadets isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Longing for more, she isn’t prepared for her reaction when a stranger comes to FUCN’A. Especially when he accuses her of criminal activity!

Sergio Gravino is just another PRIC visiting the Rockies as far as anyone knows. His real mission is to find the identity thief who has left one shifter brutally injured.

Hot on his target’s trail, imagine Sergio’s shock when his prime suspect turns out to be his mate.

Can Sammi convince him she’s innocent? Find out what happens in Sammi and the Jersey Bull.

This paranormal romance is an EveL Worlds novella set in Eve Langlais’ Furry United Coalition (F.U.C.) World and is available on all platforms now!

Note: This book is a standalone, but if you want to read about the first time a Jersey Sure Shifter ventured over to FUCN’A, check out Chinchilla and the Devil, available on all platforms!

Excited for more FUCN’A? There’s more on the way! Bat and the Jack by Alexa Gregory releases October 12th!

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