Taming the Tiger

After being rescued from experimentation at a lab, Paige wants nothing more than to get on with her life. What’s more frustrating than trying to fill in the blanks of her memory is the annoying—yet sexy—FUC agent who is hell-bent on protecting her while finding those responsible for her condition. But this tiger is sick of being kept in a cage.

Troubling memories from Jake’s past leave him obsessed with arresting those who held Paige in captivity. If his nagging desire to be closer to her didn’t prevent him from spending all hours of the day on the case, Jake is sure he would have outfoxed the evil scientists by now. But something keeps leading him back to Paige.

Can Jake keep his focus long enough to find those responsible for the atrocities committed against Paige? Or will a major miscalculation allow them to find her and complete their experiment?

Taming the Tiger is a Furry United Coalition Newbie Academy (FUCN’A) novella set in Eve Langlais' EveL Worlds and is available on all platforms!

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Publisher: EveL Worlds