Birds of a Feather

What the flock?

Gabrielle Crowe wants nothing more than to see Dr. Grimm pay for his crimes. The problem is no one knows he exists and she can’t tattle since she can barely caw. Revenge seems doubtful until an alluring stranger glides into the nest she calls home and starts asking questions.  But can Gabby trust this beautiful woman?

Lyla Cruiz wants to be free of the IV bag that keeps her energy up while dragging her spirits down. Seems like she’ll never be free to soar until she meets Gabby. Suddenly, breaking the rules to help her new friend has this hummingbird fluttering and feeling alive like never before.

However, tasting the nectar of happiness comes with danger. Can Lyla handle it, or will her flight be cut short?

Birds of a Feather is a Furry United Coalition Newbie Academy (FUCN’A) novella set in Eve Langlais' EveL Worlds and is available on all platforms now!

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Publisher: EveL Worlds