The Lamb and the Llama

She’ll find love when lambs fly.

Amira needs to work her way up the FUC ladder if she hopes to become a field agent one day. Unfortunately, the next rung involves becoming the assistant to a man known for being a total Dick. That’s okay. She’s used to being a complete woolly carpet when it comes to overbearing superiors and she’s determined to make her term a success.

Richard knows his reputation and is content to keep letting everyone think that he’s a drama llama, but the moment he meets Amira, he realizes there might be a good reason to change. She ignites something in him he’s never felt before, and when she’s threatened, he turns into a fuzzy white knight determined to protect her.

With Zagan escaped from prison, Amira and Richard find themselves in uncharted territory. Can they capture the bad guy and navigate their curious feelings toward each other without breaking too many rules?

The Lamb and the Llama is a Furry United Coalition Newbie Academy (FUCN'A) book, set in Eve Langlais’ EveL Worlds and is available on all platforms!

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Publisher: EveL Worlds