Hellenic Island Shifters Books 1-3

Amanda Kimberley's first 3 FUCN'A books are available together in this collection!

The Turtle and the Hare

A plot is afoot to steal royal blood, and the King and Prince from Skyros are visiting FUCN’A for help. Prince Lear is smitten the moment he comes face to face with Harriet. The hare isn’t just his lucky charm, she’s his mate too. But can Harriet keep him safe?

The Turtle and the Rock

Will Teo be able to keep his Treasure out of harm’s way once she becomes the object of Zagan’s evil plot to steal her blood? And once Treasure knows the truth about Teo’s betrothal, will she want to fight to keep her love?

The Ferret and the Fossa

Carol answers to no one, which suits her just fine. Until she meets Rayan, a smooth-talking fossa who’s not thrilled to have a combat-boot-wearing pint-sized pocket pet as his protector! Will these two unlikely allies bond while discovering the truth about Rayan’s father?

Publisher: EveL Worlds