Up Shift Creek Books 1-3

Julia Mills' first 3 FUCN'A books are available together in this collection!

A Tree Frog and Her Honey Badger

All hell’s about to break loose if Dr. Freddie Lightfoot doesn’t stop the idiot who’s destroying the world’s coffee fields. There isn’t a jungle that could stop Buck Blackthorne from helping his mate, but prehistoric shifters? Well, that's a new one.

Doc and Her Dragon

The glittering dragonfly and the explosives professor are out to solve the conundrum of a seriously deranged and absolutely deceased megalomaniac and psychopath who is posthumously trying to turn the shifters of the world into super dino super soldiers.

Dusty and Her Dino

Dusty has a knack for fixin’ things, so what’s a chickie to do when she can’t repair the mis-engineered Giganotosaurus shifter, Dr. Alexander Anatoli? When a nasty enemy returns from the dead, these two lovesick shifters will be forced to act so the eggs of amore don't get scrambled before their first kiss.

Publisher: EveL Worlds