Ragtag Bats

A. Gregory’s first 3 FUCN'A books are available together in this collection!

Bat and the Bone

Detective T-Bone is enlisting Mila’s help due to her encyclopedic knowledge of the notorious serial killer’s crimes. Too bad he didn’t realize that Mila is the Bloody Doctor’s daughter. But Mila is adamant that her link to the Bloody Doctor won’t stop her from bringing her mother to justice, so they head out on the road, hoping to catch their mark before more bodies pile up.

Bat and the Jack

The last thing Vera expects is a massive pumpkin where Dr. Norbert Palomer should be. Then the gourd explodes. Literally. Between a vampire bat who can’t drink blood and a scientist who shifts into a jack-o’-lantern, the odds of survival don’t look great. But FUC is on the case, and this bat? She’s bent on flying the roost and landing straight in the pumpkin patch.

Bat and the Blitz

Raya has to travel to Christmas Town to thwart would-be immortality chasers with a man who has a candy cane to pick with the big man in red. The entire future of holiday magic hinges on a reindeer with no Christmas cheer, a vampire bat trying to prove herself, and a town full of secrets.