Bat and the Blitz

It's a batty world in the winter…

Raya is a bat shifter who grew up in the shadow of her perfect sibling, but she’s determined to shine in her own moonlight when she becomes a FUCN’A agent. Unfortunately, her first assignment is on a task force run by her sister, and she’s paired up with a grumpy—albeit ridiculously sexy—Christmas-hating reindeer.

She’d rather eat Grandma’s nasty blood pudding than take the case, but there’s no other choice. She’ll have to travel to Christmas Town to thwart would-be immortality chasers with a man who has a candy cane to pick with the big man in red.

The entire future of holiday magic hinges on a reindeer with no Christmas cheer, a vampire bat trying to prove herself, and a town full of secrets...

Bat and the Blitz by A. Gregory will release on all platforms December 7th!

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Publisher: EveL Worlds