Gorilla in the Hiss

A spoiled kitty. A repentant gorilla. A secret love affair.

Katharine Karak’s shiny new job at the FUCN’A is all about teaching cadets how to fit in with the one percent.

Zeek LeBrute swore he’d never return to the fight rings. Instead, he’s been teaching Academy cadets what he knows about fighting to survive.

No one knew that Katz and Zeek had a brief secret affair that changed their lives forever.

Neither had any idea their new paths were about to collide and set their plans ablaze in a sizzling dance of resistance to distracting passions.

When Darcy Karak and Caleb Terry ask them for help on their first big FUC case as agents, Katz and Zeek are faced with hard decisions for their families, the shifter community…and themselves.

How can this passionate kitty resist becoming distracted by such a hot gorilla to focus on her goals?

This gorilla may have to overcome his kitty’s hisses with kisses to prove it isn’t too late for them.

This book is part of Eve Langlais' Furry United Coalition ‘F.U.C.’  EveL Worlds and is available on all platforms.

Note: This book is a standalone, but if you want to read the other Pedigree books by Jodi Kendrick check out:

Publisher: EveL Worlds